Shipping info


General Shipping Info

There is much confusion about shipping firearms. Even the shipping companies are often confused about the law and their own company procedures. These instructions are meant to simplify the shipping of your firearm to St. Louis Cerakote and are not intended to be taken as a legal guide. Check all applicable federal, state, and local laws before shipping any firearm.

Prepping for shipment.

If you wish to send your firearm pre-disassembled, we will coat it and return it unassembled. If you send a firearm with uninstalled parts, they will be coated and returned uninstalled.    Assembled firearms will be disassembled prior to coating and will incur an armory fee ($90 for rifles, $50 for pistols).   Pistol sights do not need to be removed. This requires special tools and is a service included at no cost.



Pack the firearm in the smallest package possible as this can save shipping costs. Pack the firearm so that it will not move in the package and is protected against crushing. We recommend that bolts be removed from bolt-action rifles and wrapped separately (in the same package). We have seen several nice rifles arrive with damaged bolt handles or barrels protruding from the box. We prefer that you do not use styrofoam peanuts as packaging. Dropping a firearm into a box and pouring peanuts around it will not protect it adequately and will result in extra work for us cleaning bits of foam out of the action. If you wish to package a rifle in a hard case, it will give better protection, but will also raise the shipping cost.

Make sure that you include the following in the package with the firearm:

  1. All parts and accessories to be coated.
  2. Detailed instructions on how the firearm is to be coated; patterns, colors, parts to be left uncoated.
  3. Completed and signed custom work order.
  4. Complete contact information; name, address, phone numbers, and email address.


By federal law, you may ship a firearm directly to St. Louis Cerakote and we may ship it directly back to you. You do not need to send it through a dealer on your end. There are some exceptions, however. If you ask us to send a firearm to a different address than you shipped it from, or to a different person, we will do so by shipping to a licensed dealer in that location, who will then transfer to whoever picks it up. If you ship a firearm to us that is not legal in your area for any reason, we will not return it to that location. If you ship a firearm that is illegal to possess for any reason (serial number removed, unlicensed machine gun or other NFA weapon, etc.), we will not return the firearm and will take whatever action is required by law, including surrendering it to the proper authorities.

Label the package with our address and your correct address as the return address (Same one on your gov't issued ID) 

By federal law you may not mark the outside of the box in any way that indicates that there is a firearm inside.

We recommend that long guns be shipped USPS priority for the pest price and service to Missouri. Pistols must be shipped by common carrier (UPS or FedEx) unless the shipper is a licensed dealer. We recommend FedEx as their prices are lower than UPS for shipments to Missouri. By law you must require adult signature confirmation.


St. Louis Cerakote is a federally licensed firearms dealer and class 3 SOT, and can therefore accept firearms for custom work or for sale or transfer. If you wish to ship a firearm through a dealer on your end, we will need to send a copy of our Federal Firearms License to that dealer. We can do this by mail, email, or fax. We will need to know how your dealer prefers to receive it. We can receive a firearm from an unlicensed individual for the same purposes. Unlicensed individuals do not need a copy of our license and we do not send it out to anyone who is not a dealer. We do recommend that you confirm that anyone you are sending a firearm to is licensed to receive firearms. This is important because there is a recent proliferation of people who call themselves private dealers, or some variation of that title, who are buying and selling firearms and skirt around the law

Shipping Address

Please address all packages to:

Powder Keg Arms

110 Richardson Crossing

Arnold, Missouri 63010